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Abstract: Science of Assurance by Dr. Jason Rupe

The subject of telecommunications and information technology (IT) reliability concerns is ultimately about assurance, the real intent of reliability in this field. This chapter covers some basic definitions for a foundation, and some of the most important tools to use. Then, it separates into hardware, software, and data, as there are important differences to cover in each. Finally, it combines it all back together again to cover reliability concerns of systems, networks, services, and missions. The chapter concludes with some of the related topics we can’t forget, and important resources for finding out more. You’ll find a lot of information mentioned here and some important ideas. Some of it is just to frame your thinking about reliability concerns, and, hopefully, you can see where the information applies in many more ways than we can describe in this short chapter. In addition to seeing the risks and concerns, I hope you can equally come away with ideas for how to make the IT and telecommunications world more reliable.


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