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2014 Sponsors

2014 Enterprise Innovation Symposium

Cloudy with a Chance of Security

Organizations have passed the point of thinking about the Cloud. They are past the point of business cases, Return on Investment, and now are faced with the challenges of deployment and getting it right. For your cloud solution to work, the underlying infrastructure (transport and core) must support the applications that are going to be used by your customers. On top of that, the elements required to make the cloud environment secure are equally complex to monitor and manage. At this EIS, we will be looking at how performance is monitored and managed, how the cloud is provisioned and managed, and how security wraps everything together to create a dynamic environment to meet mission needs.

Mr. Steve Prosser

Director, NRO Infrastructure Service Provider (NISP)

Col. Myles Nakamura

Director, NRO Future Ground Architecture

Mr. Bret Hartman

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer,

Security Business Group, Cisco Systems, Inc.


May 7TH & 8TH, 2014

Georgia Tech

Global Learning Center

Atlanta, GA USA